What is a lash lift?
Lash lift is a natural lash enhancement that will give the appearance of a curled longer lashes that can last from approximately 6-8 weeks on average or longer. The retention will depend on the strength and texture of the client's natural lashes. There are no eyelash extensions attached as we are lifting your own natural lashes and is an excellent alternative to eyelash extensions. It is also a healthier option. This treatment gives your natural lashes a "lift" to give them length, height and volume therefore creating an appearance of having a curlier and longer lashes. 
Can I wear mascara with lash lift?
Yes! Mascara can be used. Strip lashes and falsies can be worn as well. 
Can I still get a lash lift if I have a very curly natural lashes?
If the lashes are naturally very curly and depending on how curly they are, a lash lift may not be recommended as it can over-curl the lashes.
How should I prepare for my lash lift appointment?
We would kindly ask that you do your best to arrive with clean lashes, no eye makeup and no makeup remover residue. If you have eyelash extensions, they must be removed prior to getting a lash lift.  Please do not curl your natural lashes with a lash curler prior to your appointment as we must work with your natural lashes. 
How long does the procedure take?
Lash lift appointment takes approximately 1 hour. Please note talking is highly discouraged during the application process as your facial muscles must be relaxed. Cell phones must be put away during procedures.  

What is the aftercare? 
It is best to keep the lashes dry for approximately 24 hours. This also includes avoiding hot steam.