What is a brow lamination?

Similar to a lash lift, brow lamination treatment gives the eyebrow hair a "lifted" look with the use of solutions, not via tattoo. This treatment lifts the natural eyebrow hair up. Brow lamination is a wonderful start for someone who is desiring for a fluffy wispy hair look but without the eyebrow tattoo commitment. Brow lamination can last approximately 3-6 weeks. 

Can I wear eyebrow makeup after the lamination?
Yes! We recommend waiting approximately 24 hours after brow lamination before applying eyebrow makeup.  
How should I prepare for my brow lamination appointment?
We would kindly ask that you do your best to arrive with clean eyebrows, free from makeup.  
How long does the procedure take?
Brow lamination appointment takes approximately 1 hour. Please note talking is highly discouraged during the application process as your facial muscles must be relaxed. Cell phones must be put away during procedures.  

What is the aftercare? 
It is best to keep the brows dry for approximately 24 hours. This also includes avoiding hot steam.