Learn the artistry of this very trending lash enhancement. In 2018, lash lift was one of Google’s Year In Search top beauty trend. Our client from Popsugar was identified by Google to be person most closely associated with this trend. Our lash lift training is designed to introduce you to the lash lift profession. Lash lift is a low maintenance, semi permanent curl of natural lashes that lasts approximately 6-8 weeks or more. It is affordable without the upkeep like eyelash extensions. Lash lift is a healthier option compared to eyelash extension and there is nothing being attached to one’s natural lashes, it is simply lifting their own existing lashes giving the appearance of longer lashes. Christina will share her techniques, tips and tricks used on her clients to achieve a beautiful precise lash lift. Our goal is to prepare you to become a successful and respected lash artist. With our online training, you can comfortably work at your own pace.

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Student Training

Student Training


ONLINE Keratin Lash Lift Training $450 (with kit)
ONLINE Keratin Lash Lift Training $300 (without kit)

IN-PERSON 1 Day Keratin Lash Lift Training $900

Licensing. Licensing may be required for some countries/states. The regulations in each country/state vary for providing any lash service and a licensing may or may not be required. Sugarin Studio is not responsible for pre-screening. It is the responsibility of the student to research to find out whether a licensing is required prior to purchasing the training. Please note there are no refunds therefore we kindly ask you to please do your research in advance.

*If you are practicing in California, a Cosmetology (not Esthetician) license is required.  


  • Introduction

  • Equipment and Supplies

  • Sanitation

  • Lash Cycle

  • Client Consultation

  • Precare

  • Aftercare

  • Shields and Processing Times

  • Taping Technique

  • Lash Lift Application Techniques & Troubleshooting

  • FAQ

  • Photography & Video

  • Pricing

  • Cleaning Tools

Featured in Popsugar

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As Seen in Popsugar


  • 3 months access to the videos (ONLINE training)

  • Starter Keratin Lash Lift Kit

    • Adhesive

    • Silicone Shields

    • Lotion for lifting

    • Lotion for setting

    • Lotion for nourishing

    • Keratin Treatment

    • Y Brush

    • Microswabs

    • Disposable Ring Cup

    • Tweezer

    • Hypoallergenic Medical Tape

    • Undereye Gel Pad

    • Masara Brush

  • Waivers and client file forms

  • Certificate

  • Ongoing Support and Mentorship


To enroll, please complete and submit the ENROLLMENT FORM. Once your form is received, you will receive an invoice for payment.

Online Enrollment

Upon receipt of full payment, you will receive an email with a link to the online training along with the log in information. Your kit will also be mailed to you. Your online training will be available for accessing for three months.


Online Students

Once you have completed your online training and feel confident in performing your lash lift, please send us 2 Before and After photos of your work for evaluation. If your lash lift work meets our standards, you will receive a Certificate in the mail. However, if your work is not up to the standards, we will provide our feedback to successfully perform the lash lift in the next model to obtain your Certificate. At the onset, it's not about the speed but is more about the proper and precise application. It is encouraged that students are ruled by quality and results not by time. Please feel free contact us if you have any other questions regarding the training. Thank you very much!