Fluffy Combo Microshading

This is a four-day intense training for Fluffy Combo Microshading.  This is an eyebrow semi permanent makeup creating both texture, density and definition. This procedure is used with both machine and microblading tool. We will focus on creating light hair strokes to give textured look and adding shading to certain areas to give density and definition. This Combo training is a form of art and Christina believes in setting her students on track to blossom as their own unique artist.  During the four-day training, you will practice on paper, latex skin and a live model.



SEMI PRIVATE: Three-Day Fluffy Combo Microshading Training $3,500 (Beginner)

PRIVATE: One-Day Fluffy Combo Microshading Training $1,800 (Advanced. Experienced.)


Topics covered will include:

·         Introduction to Fluffy Microshading

·         Safety and Sanitation

·         Workspace Set up

·         Color Theory

·         Tool Characteristics

·         Skin Fundamentals

·         Contradiction

·         Consultation

·         Eyebrow Shaping

·         Christina’s tips and tricks

·         Christina’s technique

·         Precare and Aftercare


What You’ll Receive:

·         Fluffy Microshading Manual

·         Microblading pen

·         Microblading needles

·         PMU (permanent makeup) machine

·         PMU machine needles

·         3D wax pencil

·         Practice Skin

·         Pigment pack

·         Numbing cream

·         Eyebrow brush

·         Pigment cup

·         Pigment rings

·         Microbrush

·         Skin marker

·         Eyebrow shaver

·          Razor blade

·         Alcohol pads

·         Ruler 

·         Waivers and client file forms

·         Certificate

·         Ongoing Support and Mentorship

Please note:

Student is required to provide a model. Assistance will be provided upon request.