Fluffy Microblading

This is a three-day intense beginner’s training for Fluffy Microblading.  Fluffy Microblading is an eyebrow semi permanent makeup that focuses on creating textured look.  It is manually hand drawn (not used with a machine).  It is the look of “imperfect” brows as hairstrokes are not perfect.  Christina believes that it is the imperfect that makes it perfect.  Learning to microblade is a challenging journey and it’s important to be realistic with expectations prior to investing in the training. It could months to reach at a comfortable level.  Christina will share her journey, knowledge and achieving her fluffy hairstroke style.   Microblading is a form of art and Christina believes in setting her students on track to blossom as their own unique artist.  During the training, you will practice on paper, latex skin and a live model.



Three-Day Semi Private Fluffy Microblading Training $3,500


Topics covered will include:

·         Introduction to Fluffy Microblading

·         Safety and Sanitation

·         Workspace Set up

·         Colour Theory

·         Tool Characteristics

·         Skin Fundamentals

·         Contradiction

·         Consultation

·         Eyebrow Shaping

·         Christina’s tips and tricks

·         Christina’s technique

·         Precare and Aftercare


What You’ll Receive:

·         Fluffy Microblading Manual

·         Microblading pen

·         Microblading needles

·         3D wax pencil

·         Practice Skin

·        Basic pigment pack

·         Numbing cream

·         Eyebrow brush

·         Pigment cup

·         Pigment rings

·         Microbrush

·         Skin marker

·         Eyebrow shaver

·         Razor blade

·         Alcohol pads

·         Ruler 

·         Waivers and client file forms

·         Certificate

·         Ongoing Support and Mentorship

Please note:

Student will need to provide a model